Spider-Man may be about to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Captain America: Civil War, but Sony Pictures still hold the rights to the character. What that means is that while Marvel Studios has been given creative control by their new partners, Sony still has final say over the character’s upcoming solo movie. So, does that mean we won’t get any crossovers?

Thankfully not as Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has confirmed that we will indeed see Marvel characters in the Jon Watts helmed Spider-Man reboot. “He is in the universe now, and the fun of the universe is that characters go back and forth,” he explained to EW.

Unfortunately (and predictably), Feige wouldn’t reveal which characters will end up hanging out with Spider-Man, but this news obviously opens the door to everyone from Captain America to The Vision possibly showing up in Peter Parker’s neighbourhood at some point.

The Sony Hack emails indicated that there would be this sort of back and forth as Sony obviously want to benefit from the box office benefits which will potentially come with someone like Iron Man spending time with Spidey. It will be interesting to see whether or not characters from Spider-Man world now show up in some of Marvel’s upcoming releases…