We’re just two short weeks away from the return of HBO’s Game of Thrones to our screens, and while we’ve got dozens of characters and storylines to jump back into, none are quite as compelling as the fate of Jon Snow.

With no more books from George R. R. Martin to guide us we’re walking in the Westeros wilderness. We found out this week at the first episode is to be titled The Red Woman which is perfectly vague enough to get the wheels of speculation turning. Does it refer to Melisandre? And an important mission she has in the first episode?

On that note Liam Cunningham, the much beloved actor who plays Ser Davos the Onion Knight, appeared on Conan O’Brien’s late night show to debut a clip from episode one. We’ve seen some of this clip in the Season 6 trailer but in the extended version we get to see a little more of The Night’s Watch following the assassination of its Lord Commander.

And there’s a direwolf not happy with what’s gone down…

There’s also this very fun clip from EW in which the cast give their own answers to the question: Is Jon Snow dead…?