Edge of Tomorrow was hailed as a return to form for Tom Cruise and gave us an awesome female action hero in the form of Emily Blunt, but the ending left many disappointed. It did however set up the possibility of a sequel, and it’s been confirmed today that one is coming!

While it was initially reported that Christopher McQuarrie (Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation) would be directing, he’s since taken to Twitter to make it clear that won’t be the case. Instead, Edge of Tomorrow helmer Doug Liman is going to return to direct this one. With Gambit removed from Fox’s release schedule, it will be interesting to see which comes first!

The first instalment’s director coming back is obviously good news for fans of the movie which grossed a fairly impressive $370.5 million worldwide, and it has also a couple of writers in the form of Joe Shrapnel and Anna Waterhouse, the duo responsible for writing McQuarrie’s assassin thriller The Gray Man (he’ll still be involved in some capacity here).

Based on recent comments from those involved, both Cruise and Blunt will be back for Edge of Tomorrow 2. Hopefully the studio will be able to decide on a title this time though, especially as it was seemingly changed during the Blu-ray release to Live. Die. Repeat.