The Wolf of Wall Street’s Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese have been confirmed to reunite (again) for the upcoming biopic on former U.S. President Teddy Roosevelt for Paramount Pictures and Appian Way.

The project will be directed by Scorsese, with DiCaprio taking the lead as Roosevelt, The youngest ever US president at 42 to hold office after the assassination of President William Mckinley in 1901. Roosevelt quickly rose through the political ranks from New York Governor to vice president before taking the hot seat in which his major successes came via his work in conservation. DiCaprio is a staunch advocate and campaigner for the preservation of our environment so this project is of particular interest for him and why he is resurrecting playing the subject after a previous attempt at the film years ago didn’t pan out.

Scott Bloom has been set to pen the drama which will see DiCaprio, Scorsese, Emma Koskoff, Chuck Pacheco and Jennifer Davisson are produce.


The Scorsese/DiCaprio filmmaking machine is proving to be a formidable one with the pair already working on film adaptations of Killers of the Flower Moon and The Devil in the White City. They have frequently collaborated, making a total of five feature films, Including Gangs of New York, The Aviator, The Departed and Shutter Island, and one short film since they pair up in 2002. The duo’s films explore a variety of genres, including crime, thriller, biopic and comedy. Several have been listed on many critics’ year-end top ten and best-of-decade lists.