Steven Spielberg’s epic masterpiece ‘Jaws’ is out today on Blu-ray in all its amazing remastered glory and to mark the occasion, I took one for the team here at HeyUGuys to go up to Chester (to the Blue Planet Aquarium) and take the opportunity to go swimming with sharks for the day!

Armed with nothing but a wetsuit to protect me, I went through an intense training regime to make sure that I have what it takes to survive against these amazing creatures. In the end, all I did was show them my video of me becoming a spy for the day and that was enough to show them how ‘ard I was! After going through he various checks to confirm that if I die, it was no-one’s fault but my own, we went through a course which talked us through what it would be like scuba diving with the sharks and what sort of things we could expect. As you’ll see from the photos and video which are all embedded below,

Simply put, it was an amazing experience being immersed and surrounded by these magnificent creatures. In the giant tank was a collection of 10ft sand tiger sharks and lemon sharks who were all very curious to see exactly who we were when we entered the tank. Enjoy the video below which I’ve put together to show exactly what we got up to and some photos of the experience are below. Thanks again to the Blue Planet Aquarium and to Universal for arranging this amazing trip. If you want to visit the aquarium and do your own dive, click here.

Steven Spielberg’s Jaws is released on Blu-ray today and you can order your copy here (or click here to enter our competition to win one).