Birdman has been receiving rave reviews, some serious awards attention, and may just end up landing director Alejandro González Iñárritu an Oscar next month. It should come as no surprise then that his next movie – The Revenant – is already creating a lot of buzz. Now, we have a first look at the movie for you!

The Revenant tells the true story of Hugh Glass, an American fur trapper in the early 1800s. That’s the role being taken on by the bearded Leonardo DiCaprio, explaining why he’s been spotted out and about by the paparazzi looking a little more disheveled than usual (though still surrounded by a bevy of models).

Tom Hardy and Will Poulter also star in the movie, playing two men who abandon Glass for dead after a grizzly attack. However, he survives and sets off on a 200 mile trek to find them and exact his revenge!

Production is taking a long time (and won’t conclude until April) as The Revenant is currently being shot in Calgary during the winter, giving Iñárritu only a few hours of daylight to shoot what he needs. “He’s a brave, incredible actor,” the filmmaker says of what DiCaprio is bringing to the role. “I’m so surprised about how good he is. I think there’s a profound understanding of humanity that I can see through his eyes.”

The Revenant is being shot in sequence and is described by Iñárritu as being “a very experimental thing.”

As usual, there’s currently no word on a UK release date, but it will reach the US on December 25th.