The Playlist have put up the first pictures from the upcoming summer comedy Horrible Bosses, and they’re all really promising.

The pictures themselves are admittedly a little grainy, but that’s only because they’ve (presumably) been scanned from the new issue of EW. It’s what’s in them that counts, though. You instantly get a feel for the movie and I can’t wait for it to hit our screens on 22nd July this year.

Horrible Bosses sees three friends conspiring together to kill their (horrible) bosses in order to get back on track to leading happier lives. I’m a little sceptical about some summer comedies each year, but I think this is definitely shaping up to be one of the best in a good while. Having such a stellar cast for a comedy is sure to produce something excellent.

Heading up the lead employees is Nick (Jason Bateman). I could spend hours praising Bateman for all his roles, but will simply nudge you towards watching him in the TV show Arrested Development and opposite Will Smith and Charlize Theron in Hancock. Bateman’s genius in TV and film hasn’t nearly been deservedly recognised enough yet, so I’m hoping Horrible Bosses will be what lifts him up onto the next stage of his career. His particularly nasty boss, Harken, will be played by Kevin Spacey, whose past roles prove he’s able to play both the nicest and most evil of characters.

Then comes Nick’s friend, Dale (Chris Day), whose boss, Dr. Julia Harris, is a nymphomaniac dentist, played by the ever-talented Jennifer Aniston. The picture of these two is especially entertaining, and shows a side of Aniston that maybe we’ve not seen before. And lastly, we have Kurt (Jason Sudeikis), who will be pitted against Bobby (Colin Farrell), the coke-addict son of his beloved mentor, played by Donald Sutherland.

Rounding up the rest of the supporting cast will be Jamie Foxx’s Motherfucker Jones (a genius name, which used enough, could push the comedy into the 15 rating), and Julie Bowen (the brilliant star of recent TV hit Modern Family). The film is directed by Seth Gordon, whose new TV series, Breaking In, starring Christian Slater, starts airing on Wednesday over in the States.

With just a few months until Horrible Bosses is released, there’s every reason to expect that we’ll be seeing more and more pictures, posters, and trailers in the coming weeks and months, so make sure you check back often for updates. I think this could well be in the running for my favourite comedy of the year, so I can’t wait for the ad campaign to continue.