With IPL going on in India, there haven’t been that many releases that have caught my attention or deserved a full fledged review  (I am looking at you Housefull 2- yeah yeah made tons of money blah blah blah) But that doesn’t mean that the roster of movies coming out this year doesn’t leave us salivating, so here is a catch up post of some of the trailers recently released and some thoughts.


Shot in London (so we get guaranteed shitty acting and dubbing by the worst Caucasian extras) and heavily inspired by Speed although I am seeing more of Denzel Washingtong’s Derailed, Tezz has been long in the making but has quite a few interesting actors attached to it (Anil Kapoor, Mohan Lal with his awesome hindi accent). These high budget action movies from Bollywood are so paint-by numbers (bullet time- check, parkour/free running -check, cheap CGI explosions- check, bike chases-check) and never really find the right tone and are almost interchangeable be it Cash, Dus, Race or now Tezz.

Kya Kool Hain Hum

The follow up to the massively successful Kya Kool Hain Hum and probably not my kind of movie either but the trailer intercut with Karan Johar’s Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum is quite nifty. Slaptstick, double entendres and sight gags galore. And is that a Rohit Shetty Cameo? Banking on the marketing technique of “this movie is so SHOCKING” I am pretty sure this will work well in India, don’t know how well it can translate outside of it especially if you add a black face joke within the trailer.


Teri Meri Kahaani

Kunal Kohli love-through-the ages-rom com looks like everything you expect from a Bollywood movie, songs, dances, good looking stars but is probably looking a bit too conventional for my liking. Although I like Shahid Kapoor, I feel we’ve been seeing him dance in a Punjabi Shalwar Suit a bit too much lately (Mausam, Jab We Met) and Priyanka Chopra (who is in London at the moment working on her music album with Will.I.Am) can do these kinds of roles in her sleep, and sometimes it does feel like she is asleep. There are rumors that the plot is lifted from a South Asian movie but those allegations seems to surface with every Bollywood release (see Tezz).

Jannat 2

And here you thought sequelitis was a #WhiteStudioProblem, it isn’t but Vishesh Films is a movie studio that seems to have captured the perfect mix of how to make money. Cast Emraan Hashmi as a dubious protagonist, get a shekshi lady that hasn’t acted too much before, find a subject matter from in the news and attach a geat soundtrack with 1 sufi song and a few mellow guitar tracks from Pakistani singers and a couple of remixes.

Hey, if it works, it works and Jannat 2 probably will too



Dangerous Ishq

Although the poster of this movie seems to be a take on Anjelina Jolie’s leg meme, if you say Karisma Kapoor, I will shell out my not so hard earned money to go watch the lady on screen. A story of incarnation and shot in 3D, and accompanied by some of Himesh Reshamiya’s best work in ages, this could be quite interesting especially when Jimmy Shergill is supporting her. I had forgotten how good Karisma was and how much we missed her, love that Rajisthani accent!

We will be posting some exclusive content about Dangerous Ishq on Upodcasting so keep you eyes out for that.


Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt directed by Ram Gopal Verma taking us back into the murky world of crime, politics and police, some might feel it’s getting a bit stale but I still find RGV’s movie worth a viewing, even though sometimes you need a paper bag to throw up in as he can’t keep the camera still.

But Department still has the best overall trailer when you have Sanjay Dutt punching through walls and Amitabh being awesome and if RGV hasn’t convinced you yet to watch his movie, then maybe the debut of Natalie Kaur will.

Let us know which trailer you like the best in the comment section below.