Pulp Fiction, Trainspotting, Vertigo… The first image that comes to your mind when you think of these films is their posters.

A movie poster is one of the most important elements of a film. It exists to attract the audience’s attention to a film they may have never otherwise been interested in and its primary job is to stick in your memory.

Creating a truly memorable movie poster is an art and in this list we have put together 10 of 2014’s most memorable ranging from some of the years biggest blockbusters to some of the most controversial releases of the year.

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The Grand Budapest Hotel


Wes Anderson’s films have become famous for their stunning visuals and their unique aesthetic and with The Grand Budapest Hotel, his latest offering we were also given two equally as memorable posters.

The first, a shot of the hotel itself is perhaps the most artistically impressive poster of 2014; a work of art the Grand Budapest, like the movie itself celebrates artifice and sits proudly a top a mountain like an elaborate and beautiful wedding cake.

The second highlights the brilliant cast Anderson brought together and is doubtless one of the reasons for the film’s box office success.

The Grand Budapest hotel Poster



The poster for Boyhood is like the movie itself, simple yet excellent. The poster shows Ellar Coltrane’s Mason Jr lying on the grass staring into the sky, wondering what the world has on offer for him.

The poster is also the movie’s opening shot and is no doubt set to go down as one of the most iconic images of 2014, especially with the movie being heavily tipped for a best picture accolade at this years Academy Awards.

Released in a summer full of bloated blockbusters with big name stars Boyhood, and its poster were a fine example of how sometimes it is the little things that really make a film matter.




Everyone’s favourite provocateur Lars Von Trier released his 4 hour sex epic Nymphomaniac earlier this year to a predictably controversial response. The movie, which depicts the life and times of a sex addict caused uproar, with some claiming that the film was too explicit in its depiction of sexual acts.

Needless to say Von Trier accompanied his film with an equally controversial advertising campaign. Following a controversial press conference at Canne film festival which saw Shia La Beouf quote Eric Cantona before walking out the films posters were released and they were suggestive, to say the least.

The poster showed the movies stars pulling orgasmic faces on a white background. Whilst this may not be to everybody’s taste it’s difficult to deny that Lars Von Trier knows how to get your attention.