This is a poster you should expect to be seeing down your local multiplex in the coming months. The latest feature from Moneyball director Bennett Miller focuses on the true life story of Olympic wrestlers and brothers Dave Schultz and Dave Schultz and their relationship with the millionaire John Du Pont.

Steve Carrell takes on the role of Du Pont and it his character that is central to the poster- a profile shot of him with the mansion where the majority of the movie takes place filling the picture. The most eye-catching feature being Du pont’s profile which has a distinctively sinister feel to it, perhaps foreshadowing the events of the movie.




Christopher Nolan’s eigth feature film has been one of the most divisive films in recent memory and many would argue that the film has been a victim of its own hype.

Like most Nolan movies very little was revealed about the movie running up to its release and the posters were as minimalist as they could possibly be.

Showcasing its star Matthew McConaughey walking towards a rocket the poster is a spectacle within itself provoking both awe and intrigue in equal measure.

Another thing a great film needs is a tagline to go with it and Interstellar’s ‘Mankind was born on earth, it was never meant to die on it’ is one that is destined to earn itself classic status.

Enemy Poster



With no UK release date as of yet confirmed we still remain unsure of when we will be seeing the new feature from Prisoners director Denis Villeneuve.

The movie, which was released in the United States earlier this year has been met with critical acclaim and has picked up several awards overseas.

One thing to look forward to when the movie gets its release is seeing its several posters being displayed in your local cinema. The film has a number of posters all of which are unique and interesting in their own way and are perhaps the most innovative of the year.