As Above, So Below

As Above, So Below is a great example of a movie being sold on a great poster alone. What would have been passed off as a another throwaway found footage movie achieved a modicum of success on the basis of a great poster alone.

The poster, which depicts the Eiffel Tower being reflected upside down with a sea of skulls is visually stunning and would have certainly draw people’s attention to a film that would have otherwise been overlooked.


Godzilla Teaser Poster

The jury is still out on Gareth Edward’s take on Godzilla but the verdict on the movie’s posters are resoundingly positive. Edward’s movie benefited from one of the best marketing campaigns of the year and the posters, along with the trailers certainly delivered.

Perhaps the most popular of the movie’s posters was the one of several pilots falling from the sky with trails of red smoke coming from their backs. These posters not only oozed cool but also set the aesthetic for the movie months before its release and long before  we were given a glimpse of the monster itself.


Under the Skin

Under the Skin Poster

Under The Skin has been one of the year’s most baffling and dividing features, its champions praising its breathtaking visuals and intricate plot whilst its detractors claiming it is nothing more than pretentious nonsense.

One of the most striking things about the movie is its poster. Having Scarlett Johansson on your poster is always a good thing but having her lit in such an interesting light adds an element of intrigue and mystery to the movie and is certainly enough to peak the interest of casual viewers.

Like the movie itself, the poster is a thing of mysterious beauty.


Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy- UK 1-Sheet - Localisation

Fans were skeptical about Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy before its release but its poster, along with the trailer, certainly helped ease their nerves leading up to the big event.

Echoing memories of Star Wars the poster shows off the films zany crew in all their glory and most importantly gives very little away about the movies plot. It also manages to capture an 80’s retro feel, which was one of the things that the movie received heavy praise for upon its release.

Once again, good work Marvel.