David Slade is getting all the attention right now for his ‘other’ Vampire movie, the juggernaut of Twilight Eclipse, but peering past that on his filmography will turn up his 2007 adaptation of the Steve Niles comic book 30 Days of Night about a Vampire rampage under the Alaskan (lack of) sun.

I didn’t care for the first film, and preferred Slade’s excellent Hard Candy, but it certainly made enough of an impression for a sequel, co-written by Steve Niles and director Ben Ketai, to come lolloping our way on DVD.

MovieWeb have scored the first images from this one, which sees Mia Kirshner as some sort of Vampire Queen, and there’s a revenge element thrown in to make things interesting.

Here are the pictures, and, while we’re on the subject – why isn’t this one called 30 More Days of Night? Missed opportunity there.