It’s always nice to hear about the current state of projects from those directly involved, and the name of Angelina Jolie, whose SALT is out next month (yup – that still sounds wrong), is seemingly attached to any projects calling for a woman over 25 to play the lead.

MTV (via The Playlist) spoke to Jolie regarding SALT and decided to throw a few projects she has been associated with to confirm or deny her involvement.

The Kay Scarpetta project has been on the cards for a long, long time and the way Jolie describes it there’s still a lot of work to do on the development, so perhaps Patricia Cornwell is still on the case with the script. Once that’s in the bag Jolie will presumably get first refusal.

The Cleopatra project is still in search of the right angle, and there’s not a lot of news concerning Darren Aronofsky’s Serena but the Tim Burton directed, live action Sleeping Beauty based film Maleficent is where things get (slightly) more interesting. Jolie doesn’t confirm anything other than her desire to work with Burton and that they are in talks, but I would pay money, and lots of it, to see Jolie in this role.

Here’s the video,

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