2. Expect Death And Plenty Of Violence

Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad aren’t the Justice League; the missions they go on are usually to take someone out by any means necessary. This is a team of villains remember, so their methods will not be to take prisoners.

For that reason, the movie will likely be a lot darker and violent that the likes of Batman v Superman or any other of the recently announced DC Comics movies. The big question though, is will it be Rated-R? Well, based on the cast they’re going for, probably not!

Dredd and a number of other similar action movies with that rating are proof that no matter how good the final product or cast is, that rating can kill any chance of success at the box office. Hopefully director David Ayer can find a balance which means Suicide Squad is a commercial hit without sacrificing what makes the team and their methods so popular among comic book fans.