8. We May Already Know The Team’s Roster…

Suicide Squad

According to one recent report, Deadshot will be the lead in Suicide Squad, and he’s perhaps best known for being a Batman villain and assassin who once tried to take the Caped Crusader out. Flash villain Captain Boomerang – you can probably guess what weapons he uses – is said to be another lead, while the third is Vixen, a superhero who joined the Squad for her own reasons.

Amanda Waller will lead the team and the rest of the members are said to be the super-strong Blockbuster, the telepathic Mindboggler, speedster Jaculi and Multiplex, a villain who can create multiples of himself and recently appeared in The Flash. However, it appears as if this “scoop” is based on a 2011 version of the movie’s script, and with changes currently ongoing, this roster could (and more than likely will) change before the movie reaches us in 2016.