7. …And The Cast!

Will Smith Margot Robbie

There’s no word on who they will be playing, but it was reported this week that Will Smith (Men in Black), Tom Hardy (Locke) and Margot Robbie (The Wolf of Wall Street) are all closing in on deals to join Suicide Squad.

Though many superhero franchises bag big name actors, it’s rare to see a cast made up of so many A-Listers, and Warner Bros. are clearly hoping to turn this little known team into a huge franchise. Guardians of the Galaxy – which has grossed over $700 million – is proof that big names aren’t always necessary, but in the case of Suicide Squad, they’ll certainly help.

Ryan Gosling was also rumoured to be fielding an offer to star in the movie, but Marvel are vying for his attention in the hope he’ll play Doctor Strange for them.