1. Reverse-Flash


When Barry Allen looked back on the death of his mother during his appearance on Arrow, fans were shocked to hear the mention of a mysterious blur which he believes was in fact responsible for her murder (and which left him stranded miles from home). That blur is none other than a villain known as The Reverse-Flash, and he is easily The Flash’s most deadly foe! Hailing from the future, Eobard Thawne (a.k.a. Professor Zoom) is a time traveller with super speed who has made the hero’s life a hell, murdering his mother – thereby resulting in Barry’s father being framed – and even erasing his best friend from history. The Reverse-Flash has been given a new identity and origin in “The New 52” continuity, but as writer Geoff Johns was responsible for this iteration of the villain, expect to see Zoom play a major role in the CW series when it debuts in 2014!


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