5. Patty Spivot


Comic book fans were astonished when, in the rebooted “New 52” DC Universe,  Patty Spivot (forensic blood analyst in the Central City Police Department Crime Lab) was made Barry Allen’s new love interest. After all, Barry had actually been married to Iris West in the original continuity and seeing them now as little more than friends took some adjusting to. Having both Iris and Patty in The Flash’s TV series would allow for the love triangle type of stories which work so well with The CW’s female demographic, but comic book fans wouldn’t need to fret too much as Arrow has shown that the team working behind-the-scenes know how to find a good balance when it comes to these types of CW-isms! More importantly, introducing Patty means we get to see not one, but two strong female characters inhabiting the Scarlet Speedster’s world!