7. Green Lantern


After his big screen debut in 2011 failed to please fans, critics or even Warner Bros. themselves (it was far from a financial success for the studio), it’s hard to imagine that we’ll see Green Lantern in another solo movie anytime soon. While it is of course likely that we’ll see one of the humans who have worn the ring over the years as part of the planned Justice League movie, why not reintroduce Hal Jordan – or even someone like Simon Baz – in The Flash? After all, DC do seem to be keeping their movie and television universes separate, and if there’s going to be two Flash’s, why can’t there be more than one live action Green Lantern? With mentions of Ferris Air in Arrow, it certainly seems as if such an occurrence has at least been considered, and seeing Hal Jordan and Barry Allen fighting side-by-side on a weekly basis would be a real treat for fans!