3. The Rogues


Most heroes have a “rogues gallery”, but The Flash’s main foes are actually a group called The Rogues! Consisting of villains such as Captain Cold, The Pied Piper, Golden Glider, Weather Wizard, Trickster, Heatwave and Mirror Master, a long running 22-episode series like The Flash offers up plenty of time for the showrunners to introduce these characters one by one before teaming them up. A leaked script for a planned Flash movie had Cold portrayed as a killer who uses a lethal dose to take out his victims (rather than a Mr. Freeze-like gun as he was originally portrayed as using), and while a grounded take like that would fit in nicely with Arrow, fans are hoping for a slightly more comic book-y tone to this series. If that’s the case, expect plenty of cool special effect filled action sequences, but just seeing this group brought to life will be satisfying to any Flash fan!