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Every superhero needs a good villain, and over the years we’ve seen many a memorable brawl on the silver screen.

To celebrate the release of The Dark Knight Rises on DVD and Blu-Ray this week, we’ve racked our brains to narrow down the top 10 superhero movie fight scenes to date.

Here goes nothing…

10 | Hulk vs. Abomination | From The Incredible Hulk (2008)

If Avengers Assemble (2012) finally perfected Hulk on the big screen, then Louis Leterrier’s 2008 film showed that Marvel were moving in the right direction. As CGI battles go, the final showdown between Hulk and Abomination was impressive. Although we could have done without Betty’s (Liv Tyler) intervention, it was the first time that we got to see a foe who could physically challenge Bruce Banner’s alter-ego.

Best part: Hulk finds an alternative use for police cars. Specifically, boxing gloves.

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  • Dave Roper

    Two from the Avengers, but nothing from Superman? His fight against all three Kryptonians in Supes II deserves at least an honourable mention, if not inclusion in the top 10. Never mind – can’t please all the people all the time!

  • mrfatchance

    Great top 10. My personal favourite was from Dark Knight Rises. Great!

  • Amon Warmann

    Good point. Looking forward to seeing what Snyder does with Man of Steel next year…

  • JaySin420

    Cool list, I would add Superman vs Clark Kent in Superman 3.

  • Jon ‘Jonny’ Preece

    what about the epic fight at the end of TDKR when batman kills bane….oh wait….that didnt happen did it!

  • Jon ‘Jonny’ Preece

    or when he fights his evil self….that was creepy

  • Jon ‘Jonny’ Preece

    you like watching batman get his ass kicked like a little girl?!

  • Michelle Marie Davies

    My favorite is Hulk vs. Loki, though I wouldn’t really call that a fight. Loki didn’t really stand a chance.

  • Phil

    How about Frank Castle vs. the Russian from the Punisher. That was a brutal fight.

  • onlyme

    howbout hit girl from kick ass

  • Amon Warmann

    It was a fantastic 10 seconds though…

  • grimm

    no fan of michael bay, but what about optimus fight against 3 decepticons in revenge of the fallen? sure megs killed him(like optimus was really gonna stay dead) at the end of the fight, but prime kicked their skidplates(and cut off screamer’s arm and grindor’s head) before megs literally backstabbed him

  • NCBrian

    Is Hulk vs Internet Slideshows on this list? I hope so, but I guess i’ll never know.

  • Amon Warmann

    Loved that fight. However, I wouldn’t classify Optimus as a superhero…

  • Martin Eriksson

    Totally agree, that was the best scene of the Avengers, but not by much. Great movie, truly the superhero movie we deserved.

  • Got to agree with this. What a great heroine and what a way to really kick ass. It hadn’t been done before on a movie so mainstream so the shock value (especially with the her use of language) really hit home. Great movie and great scene when she takes most of them out at the end – with a little help of course!

  • Amon Warmann

    Good point, I did enjoy that scene. I’m looking forward to the sequel…

  • Amon Warmann

    You’re right, that fight is definitely worthy of this list. May post an updated version of this article at some point…

  • Amon Warmann

    Yup. Whedon & co raised the bar…

  • Amon Warmann

    Hated the way they had Catwoman intervene. 🙁

  • Amon Warmann

    It was a brilliant fight, regardless of who won.

  • Riggswolfe

    Gotta disagree with Batman vs Bane. That fight had horrible choreography. Batman fought stupidly without any of his tricks or brilliance and he deserved to get his butt handed to him.

  • Blackbelt_Jones

    Agree, that fight was shot like poo, close angles ,quick cuts, no variety,just punch, scream ,punch, scream, punch.It was like a 5 year old wrote it.Why not get some one like Kevin Nash or the Big Show to be Bane and just have Hardy do voice over like with Darth Vader? That way they would not have needed a shitty corny looking rig to help Tom hardy lift Bale above his head for the “epic” back breaking scene,god it looked so fucking stoopid(Big Show or Kevin Nash would have been able to do it naturally and as a result of the size difference between the two it would have looked so much more believable. This whole movie was fucking awful…..dammit you’re gonna get me started again i’d better stop now…

  • Blackbelt_Jones

    no it was awful.

  • Riz

    How about hellboy vs. prince nuada

  • ANON

    How about Eric Draven in The Crow. Most action scenes in that movie are superb.

  • Amon Warmann

    Was number 11 in my list.

  • ScreenWriter

    Oh my goodness. I’ve never read a statement so…wrong! That fight scene was awesome because it seemed real. It seemed like two trained fighters, one in his prime and one 8 years past, were actually fighting. Not a fake looking Kill Bill type fight. No music in the background helped. The way Bane was almost lecturing Batman the entire fight was just so badass. Big Show? Kevin Nash? Thank Christ they didn’t do that. Who wants to see a Bane that can barely walk (Nash), or a Bane that is 400+ lbs. and looks out of shape (Big Show)? Oh and by the way, when Big show lifts people up over his head, he gets help. They basically jump up for him. No way a 40 year old Big Show can do that. Sorry if I come off as mean, but I couldn’t just sit idly by while you tear into a good movie with your nonsense.

  • Blackbelt_Jones

    “ScreenWriter”?……really? Funny.

  • not a teenager

    Did you know superhero movies existed before 10 years ago? Have you ever even seen any?

  • Momus

    I’ve seen almost every superhero movie made since the Richard Donner Superman (all 4 Spider-Man, all 7 Batman, all 4 X-Men, all 6 Superman, both Hulks, Daredevil, Avengers, Green Lantern, Watchmen, 2 of the Blade movies, V for Vendetta, etc.) and I can agree without any reservations that the finale of The Avengers was the best superhero action scene ever put to film. By far. There is really nothing else even close.

    The list should really be:
    1. Avengers
    2 – 10. Rest of list left blank

    New list. Best superhero action scenes (that obviously don’t even come close to the Avengers finale):
    1. Nightcrawler invades the White House
    2. Spider-Man vs Doc Ock
    3. Wolverine vs the home invasion
    4. V vs the soldiers (with guns)
    5. A bunch of scenes from The Matrix (because they were basically superheroes)
    6. …I’ve lost interest because the rest are forgettable

  • george

    superman vs zod in man of steel number #1

  • johnjohn

    superman vs his fan base – superman returns. epic battle and nobody wins.

  • Animatrix

    We need a breakdown of the top animated superhero fights; these movies and shows are often better than the live action ones!

    How about when Batman fights the Mutant gang leader at the the end of TDK Returns vol 1? The Supes/Darkseid fight in S/B Apocalypse? (or the one from the end of JLU series) Remember Cap taking a giant Hank Pym down a notch for abusing Wasp? (Ultimate Avengers) Totally awesome.
    Joker vs Robin in Under the Red Hood? (ok cheap shot)

  • Some pretty awesome top ten lists here, pity I have to click next for each one over and over again… I never seem to make it to the last one before frustration sets in.

  • nickwtvas123

    and where the f*ck is the best scene Superman vs Zod

  • Jesse Pepin

    What about Nicholas Cage vs. the audience in Ghost Rider?

  • Josh Bluemel

    Superman vs Zod in Man Of Steel EPIC


    What good movie. That piece of crap was atrocious.


    Wow. The fight scenes between Bane and BatBale were not only bad, they were down right horrid. Couldn’t have done it worse if they had tried.

  • hghgjhg

    where the hell did, superman vs general zod go?

  • hghgjhg

    where the hell did, superman vs general zod go?

  • Kerry

    ll good scenes but how can you not have Hit Girl in every one of her fights or even black widow In Iron Man 2 and spidey vs goblin in first Spidermn Movie or Wolverene vs Sabertooth

  • goku

    Man of Steel dedicates its second half totally for jaw dropping sequences, and you had just blundered by omitting it. Even avengers’ pixalated CGI wont stand on par with MOS.