You're-Next-PosterOne of the most anticipated horror films of 2013 is Adam Wingard’s You’re Next and if you’re seen the beautifully constructed trailer then you’ll know why.

The film is Wingard’s take on the home invasion horror story and since its premiere in Toronto almost two years ago we have been waiting for its release and it hits cinemas here in the UK on the 28th of August, a week after the US debut.  It tells the story of the Davison family reunion which comes under attack from a gang of masked murderers. The trailer below is a lot of fun, and does its best to hide one of the film’s more interesting turns, one which I won’t spoil for you. Wingard and his filmmaking partner and writer Simon Barrett have done some solid work in the past and You’re Next hones the comedy/horror mix they do so well.

In an interview with Bloody Disgusting Wingard spoke of the evolution of the film,

I kind of came into this wanting to do something more technical and very scary. When Simon added the whole comedic element I never questioned it. It was the type of comedy I could relate to. It’s not an overly comedic script, there’s no jokes in it necessarily. It’s just more circumstantial so, from that perspective, I was totally onboard with it from the get-go. It still had all the creepy stuff to play with, the violence and all that.

What you’ll see from the trailer below is that there is a very tense atmosphere and some great images, not least the design of the masks which may well end up in the pantheon of horror culture alongside the Shatner mask from Halloween and Jason’s Hockey mask.

As we are in the thick of FrightFest Lionsgate are championing the film as the perfect communal horror experience with their Fright Club community and You’re Next plays well into this idea. Fans of Wingard’s segments in V/H/S and its sequel will be pleased to see the director returning to the big screen in his feature length film since 2010’s A Horrible Way to Die. Don’t watch it alone…

Here’s the trailer,



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