According to Deadline, Fox have put together a list of potential directors to replace the recently-departed Noam Murro (the least unlikely sounding name for an action director ever) as he goes off to helm “this is Spartaaa!!!” sequel, 300: Battle of Artemisia.

Amongst the more obvious names like Fast & Furious 5’s Justin Lin and Behind Enemy Lines’ John Moore, Nicolas Winding Refn appears to be on there, along with a director who is probably the most intriguing (for UK fans, at least) – much-loved pop culture commentator-turned-filmmaker, Joe (Attack the Block) Cornish.

Cornish’s debut was a big winner at the box office over here, but it’s only just been given a small opening over the pond, although US critics seem to be almost unanimous in their praise for the film. Cornish would certainly be a much cheaper option for Fox than their other choices, and it would also be a massive opportunity for him to make a resounding impression in Hollywood, and could potentially kick-start a long and fruitful career.

It’s funny to think that years back, the film that he’s now being reportedly courted for, could have easily been given a spoof, Sweded teddy bear make-over by both Cornish and his diminutive comedy partner, Adam Buxton, in their cherished, pre-internet Channel 4 series, The Adam & Joe Show. How times have changed!