As a sort of companion piece to this video footage from the set of The Dark Knight Rises, various sources have picked up an assortment of related on set shots, which we present now for your viewing pleasure.

With Pittsburgh doubling this time around for the gothic Gotham and Bane and Batman seemingly determined to knock nine bells out of each other, this is interesting looking stuff. It’s nice to see that no-one has suddenly developed Matrix-like kung fu skills and what we have instead is a much more muscular, street-fighting approach. So much the better in my book.

As we saw in the video footage, the photos below confirm that the tumbler is back in pre-black colours. We also have another welcome shot of the Batpod, hopefully expanding on its sensational cameo in TDK.

Anticipation is rising, just like the Dark Knight himself. Can the film bear the weight of audience expectations? Unlikely. Keep repeating, it’s only a movie, it’s only a movie..

Sources: MovieWeb, Latino Review, AICN.