To celebrate the release of Breaking, the new acclaimed drama/thriller released this week, we sat down with the film’s star/producer and director to find out more.

Living in a cheap motel in Atlanta and separated from his wife and child, former U.S. Marine veteran Brian Easley (John Boyega) is desperate. Driven to the brink by forces beyond his control, the soft-spoken, kind man decides to go into a bank and hold hostages with a bomb. As police, media, and family members descend on the bank and Brian, it becomes clear he’s not after money – he wants to tell his story and have what is rightfully his, even if it costs him his life.

Chatting to Boeyga, he tells about the lure of the project, both as a performer and as a producer, the power of Brian’s story and why the stories of veterans returning to modern society need more highlighting, filming on one location, and why he thinks the film is a timely one and working with the late Michael K. Williams.

Next, we speak to director Abu Damaris Corbin about how she got involved with the project, why she found Brian’s story – and those in similar circumstances – so moving and compelling, shooting and preparing the film during the pandemic and finding the right ways to give the film oxygen, including its debut at the Sundance Film Festival.

Breaking is available to rent and own from March 27th.