To celebrate the release of British drama Lady Macbeth, out on April 28th, we had the pleasure of meeting director William Oldroyd and lead star Florence Pugh – as we discussed the challenges and joys of having a narrative surround such a complex, nuanced protagonist.

Pugh tells us of her delight at being granted the chance to portray such a character, yet bemoans the lack of roles of this nature currently available for actresses. She also tells us whether or not it was easy switching off at the end of a day’s shoot, having gone to such dark places when embodying this role.

Lady MacbethOldroyd went on to explain what the young actress brings to the role, and whether he drew on his experiences directing for the stage when taking on this project. Finally, Pugh spoke about her forthcoming picture Fighting With My Family, where she plays WWE star Paige, starring alongside Dwayne Johnson, and working under director Stephen Merchant.


Lady Macbeth is released on April 28th.