In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, we’re seeing a new side to Nebula – portrayed by Karen Gillan – as she represents something of a more empathetic figure. Naturally this opens up stories of her tumultuous childhood, which begs the question – could there be a spin-off? Director James Gunn certainly seems to think so, and now we’ve ask Gillan her thoughts, it appears that she’s in agreement.

“I mean, that would be amazing, that would be the dream,” she said. “We’ve never spoken about it though – maybe I’ll casually bring it up tonight at the premiere”

We also discuss the challenges in finding the nuance in this character, in spite of the grandiose environment, and whether or not the fact Gillan is unrecognisable in the role is a blessing in disguise.

“No-one recognises me for this character at all, because I’m not blue or bald anymore. My own mother didn’t recognise me in the first film for a second there, so I can go under the radar,”.

Gillan has recently directed her first feature length film with The Party’s Just Beginning which we discuss briefly, as she explains she’s had a desire to create films from a very young age. Finally we end on Infinity War and how the Guardians will fit into the Avengers world – and she talks about her experience on set, which was just a bunch of people dressed up as superheroes doing mundane things.

Watch the full interview below…

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is out on April 28th, and you can read our 5* review here.