This is the answer to the question of what to get the movie geek who has everything.

From what we’ve seen so far, Disney’s Tron Legacy has managed to capture the spirit of the original film and strangely the distinctive look of the film looks as fine now and it did all those years ago.

The neon daubed Light Cycles is a great example of an updating of the original concept, and if you happen to be sitting on eBay with ,000 burning a hole then you could take advantage of the audacious technical capability of the team behind this unusual auction.

[T]he Parker Brothers team is building 5 custom one off “Lightcycles” to the exact specs of the movie bikes. Each bike will be black with an accent color – 5 bikes with 5 different accent colors (red, blue, yellow, green, and orange).

Disney designers built a “movie prop” of this bike for the TRON Legacy promotions and not a running version so these will be the only known running versions to exist.

And my favourite bit of their sales pitch,

the “Lightcycle” is being built for everyday street use.

Just imagine tearing a line through the rush hour traffic with this. Click here to find the eBay listing with more pics and a full rundown of how this enterprise came together. And why not place a bid while you’re there?

Here’s a trailer to inspire you to crash your bank account, and all our Tron Legacy coverage is here.

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