Break out the neon gaffer tape and fire up the light cycle, User – it looks like we’re heading back to the Grid.

After the box office success of 2010’s Tron Legacy (despite a lukewarm critical reception it went on to make $400 million worldwide) and an animated series entitled Tron Uprising on the horizon the idea of another movie in the franchise was always a distinct possibility, and now it seems as if we’ve got some confirmation on that front – and from Tron himself, no less.

Bruce Boxleitner, who played Encom employee Alan Bradley and the title character in both the 1982 original and its sequel, was asked at a signing at the recent D23 Expo if he’d be willing to reprise his roles if a third movie were to be produced. His answer?

“It’s already a done deal … it’s already in the works. 2013, I think.”

This isn’t the first time that we’ve heard about a possible third Tron movie. It was reported back in June that David DiGilio had been hired as a scriptwriter, while previous rumours – and even extras on the Tron Legacy Blu-ray – had already suggested that the character of Edward Dillinger II (played by an uncredited Cillian Murphy in a scene at the beginning of Legacy) would become the primary villain should Disney move forward with another sequel.

No CLU yet what the film will be called, though.

(source: Ain’t It Cool)

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