You may remember on Twitter a couple of weeks ago that we directed you to Virgin Media’s website where you were able to vote for your favourite TV car / van? Well, it seems the voting wasn’t just for fun but so that Virgin were able to take those votes and turn them into real life tribute vans for their TiVo install team who now have themed ‘Super-Vans’!

We’ve just been sent the information that if you order TiVo, you could be have your install done by one of the lucky Virgin Engineers who gets to drive the Super-Vans. You can read on for the full press release but before you do, see if you can name all the vans featured in the image below which you can click to enlarge. Whoever the engineer driving the A-Team van (one answer given to you there!) must be feeling very very cool!

Keep your eyes peeled for them around the UK people! For further information about Virgin Media’s TiVo box visit

Virgin Media enlists the help of Mr T and Daisy Duke to unveil new fleet of TV themed super-vans

Virgin Media today unveiled its brand new fleet of TV and film themed super-vans. The vans, based on some of the most iconic telly vehicles of our time, will be rolled out across the UK to deliver Virgin Media’s new set top box powered by TiVo.

An on-line poll of more than 1000 people, conducted by Virgin Media, revealed that the top spot in today’s best loved TV vehicles went to General Lee, the Dukes of Hazzard modified Dodge Charger with its trade-marked orange hue and doors welded shut. The A-Team’s distinctive black and red van secured second position in the poll, which became a hit with viewers thanks to B.A. Baracas, aka Mr T, and his motley crew, first in the 80s TV series and then in last year’s blockbuster of the same name. Both will now feature in the brand new fleet of TiVo supervans. As the new vans were handed over to their engineers, Virgin Media enlisted the help of a Daisy Duke look-a-like and a very convincing Mr T to give Virgin Media ‘A-Team’ installers a quick briefing, Baracas-style, to get them into the spirit.

Other designs most loved by Brits included the Gran Torino from Starsky and Hutch, Disney favourite Herbie, the Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo and Greased Lightning, made famous in the movie musical Grease. All of these will also feature in Virgin Media’s six TV show themed designs.

The super fleet will now be travelling up and down the UK from Perth to London delivering Virgin Media’s TiVo box to customers* and although Mr T won’t be driving the vans himself customers may well find enthusiastic installers customising their uniforms on launch day, and donning accessories such as the Stetson hats worn by Bo and Luke Duke and the chunky knitwear made famous by Starsky and Hutch.

Lauren Rees, a Virgin Media installer who was there to help launch the vans, said: “It was a bit of a shock to turn up to work and be met by a very convincing Mr-T and Daisy Duke, but I am so excited to be delivering TiVo in vans made famous by some of my favourite TV shows. We’ve already been getting a fantastic response from customers receiving TiVo, but now we’ll create an impact just driving up the road. I’ve even been inundated with people begging for a lift!”

Maurice Daw, executive director of access at Virgin Media, said: “We want to bring the total entertainment experience to our customers and it’s the extra touches that really make a difference – we hope the new fleet will make our customers smile and make the installation process a fun one. TiVo is all about delivering the best on the telly and personalising your viewing experience so it makes sense if we’re giving you your TV favourites on one box that we use the UK’s favourite TV vans to deliver it!”

For further information about Virgin Media’s TiVo box visit