The forthcoming Tron: Legacy Blu-ray continues to be a spluttering fountain of teasers for the expected third film in the Tron series, Tron 3 (or Tr3N or Tron: Legacy: Legacy – if you must), which of course hasn’t been confirmed by Disney but doesn’t seem in any real doubt does it?

The first teaser video was a rather more substantial look at life after Tron: Legacy and this clip, uploaded by the same Anton Volkov who made friends at Disney with his last video, is a less showy affair but features the character Cillian Murphy played in the second film, that of Edward Dillinger Jr, and his father, played by David Warner, and hints at trouble ahead for Encom.

Both this and the last video are only really worth watching if you’ve seen the events of Tron: Legacy unfold, and if you’re looking forward to seeing more Tron then I suspect you’ll like what you see here.

The good people at Movie Viral found it first, here it is…

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