This, we are reliably informed, is the first of two teasers for a third Tron film (or Tr3N if you must) and if you a fan of Tron and its legacy then you’ll simply eat this up.

FirstShowing lived up to their name and now we all have the chance to find out what happened after Tron: Legacy packed up and went home – and this is clearly the first strike in a coming campaign to get us excited for another Tron film despite Legacy looking pretty but offering nothing as substantial as plot or narrative excitement.

Promised as a Blu-ray/DVD extra, this video is pretty cool to watch, and if you read the description on the Youtube page then there are hints as to what the other DVD Easter Eggs will contain. There are hints here which would confirm a story we ran last year about the next Tron film. Breath baited, etc.

Here’s the vid,