I’ve deliberately left the title of this post rather nondescript so as not to spoil your hunt for cameos and nods when you get to see Tron: Legacy on its release on the 17th of December so please note, DO NOT read on if you want to find out one of the uncredited cameos.


Last night saw the UK Premiere of Tron: Legacy, the brand new Disney movie which sees Jeff Bridges return as Kevin Flynn, 28 years after Tron was released. Our coverage for the movie has been rather extensive and you can keep track of it all here.

I got to chat with various members of the cast and production team last night, one of them being Brigham Taylor who was the Production Executive on the movie. I asked him if he cameoed at all in the movie and he answered that you might be able to spot him in one of the opening scenes around the board table which led me to ask him about that same scene where Irish actor, Cillian Murphy who we’ve most recently seen in Christopher Nolan’s Inception, also appears briefly.

Murphy, who played Edward Dillinger (son of Ed Dillinger who appears in the original Tron) in the movie, isn’t credited at all which seemed strange since his status is now so high. I asked Taylor about this, he replied:

“No I guess that’s true. That was by design. That was little tit-bit we didn’t need slipping out early. He’s a character that fits into the mythology of Tron. He’s connected to one of the characters from the past and we’re really exited to have him involved in the way he way.”

When asked about who approached who he replied:

“We were talking to him about other things and it had come up so he knew we were out there doing our thing so when the opportunity arose it was a mutual admiration, so it worked really well.

If we tells more stories he’s the guy that could be involved.”

So there you have it. Not only have they got a possible cast lined up for a Tron: Legacy sequel, it sounds like they might even have a story which has been planted in our minds from this movie. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.