Currently on the promo trail with his fantasy comedy Your Highness (due for release on the 13th April) talented and versatile filmmaker, David Gordon Green, has been chatting about his long-in-development remake of famed Dario Argento 70’s horror, Suspiria.

Speaking to The Playlist, Green mentions that this will hopefully be his next project (he has another feature out towards the end of the year) and reveals something that may offer a little consolation for those Argento purists out there who are cursing under their breath as they read this:

“Our Suspiria doesn’t follow the trend of the traditional horror movies of late, so it’s a leap of faith, financially.”

This sounds like Green is prepared take a risk with the property and not bow down to studio’s insistence on appealing to an obvious teen market, something that has plagued many films in the genre in recent times.

The director is someone who produces work with a broad appeal, yet is also capable of making more intimate, affecting material (his debut, George Washington, and follow-up, All The Real Girls, proved this) so this particular challenge could prove very interesting indeed.