It’s not everyday that you find a sci-fi/fantasy author that translates so well to the big screen.  I mean, how many Stephen King movies have you seen that have completely lost their sense of reality and just been pushed to the point of being silly?  Neil Gaiman does not seem to have this problem.

To date he can lift his head with pride and take credit for two awesome features (Mirrormask and Coraline), a wonderful BBC miniseries (Neverwhere), as well as the commercially successful hit Stardust.  Now it seems that we can anticipate yet another Gaiman infused outing with the announcement that the rights to Gaiman’s book American God’s have now been sold.

Neil appears to be guarding a lot of the details with an expected level of secrecy, but the main question everybody wants to know is ‘Who will to be taking the helm as director?’.  Neil makes a reference to a ‘genius’ cinematographer and director who has ‘many many Oscars’, but the problem is, that no director or cinematographer to date has ‘many many’ Oscars.  John Toll and Janusz Kami?ski only have two each, and they’re some of the best in the industry.

The only thing that would seem to make sense, is that he may have been alluding to the idea that perhaps other projects this  ‘genius’ has worked on, have garnered many awards in the Makeup or SFX categories.  We must also be prepared for the possibility that the ‘many Oscars’ quip, was perhaps just a joke from a man with a very very dry sense of humor!

Looks like we’re just going to have to sit tight and wait for the execs in L.A. to make the announcement themselves.  With such a clean track record, there is little doubt that Neil will have held out for just the right crew.  However, with no apparent time frame for the announcement, you can still expect a large amount of anxious anticipation on this blogger’s part.