Properties immortalised on the big screen which then crop up on the housing market for real are undoubtedly an appealing prospect for potential buyers who are keen to indulge their cinematic fantasies (or at the very least, interesting in impressing any future houseguests).

Quite why anyone would be drawn to this piece of Australian real estate is anyone’s guess though, as alongside Roman Polanski’s infamous 60’s Hollywood residence which played host to the Manson crew’s murderous escapades, it offers a particularly ghoulish and unsavoury film-related USP.

With a starting price of 200,000 Australian dollars, you can bid on the actual bank used in the notorious Snowtown murders (the basis for last year’s hard-hitting suburban Aussie shocker of the same name) on eBay. Initially removed from the site, who deemed the listing “inappropriate or insensitive to victims of disasters or tragedies”, the four-bedroom solid brick home (and ex-bank vault) has now been reinserted.

Although the seller doesn’t make any reference to the actual film itself in the listing section, it’s hard to imagine that most Australians aren’t aware of serial killer John Bunting’s reign of terror in the outskirts of Brisbane a decade or so back (he was involved in the murder of 11 people from the area). What’s even more unnerving is the fact that eight of his murder victims were stored in plastic barrels in that old bank vault out the back of the actual building.

Seriously, anyone with their eye on this property must be willing to submit to the idea of anything approaching a comfortable living experience.

Snowtown is released on Blu-ray & DVD in the UK on March 19th.