Twilight: Eclipse may not be the most critically acclaimed movie in the world but there’s no denying the fans are mad for it. No doubt some of them have already seen the movie 5 time just to see Taylor Lautner take his top off, or Robert Pattinson kiss Kristen Stewart (AGAIN!)! The movie directed by British Director, David Slade took .5m at the US box office this weekend but failed to beat the 4th July record set by Spider-Man 2 which clocked in a huge m when it was released in 2004. Since it’s release last Wednesday, Eclipse has managed a 1m haul with the UK to still open it’s Twilight doors on Friday 9th July.

M. Night Shyamalan’s new 3d movie, The Last Airbender also did very well this weekend bringing in .6m with Disney’s Toy Story 3 earning a further .1m to it’s already increasing takings count.

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Thanks to Variety for the facts and futures.