Here’s the reason I love twitter? When before ave we had access to the people who actually appear in the movies sending images from the set, their trailer or in this case, their wardrobe before?!

Mila Jovovich has literally just tweeted two images (now more!) of herself in costume for her new movie, The Three Musketeers which is being directed by her real-life husband, Paul W.S. Anderson. The images show her in period dress looking rather lovely.

The two tweets read:

Tweet 1: A 17th century bond girl!How amazing is this 1st test 4 the costume 4 3M!Its jst canvas w bits of fabric pinned 2 it!

Tweet 2: Here’s another pic of my costume tests 4 3Musketeers!

Check out the rest on here twitter account here.

Although we don’t really need or want another 3 Musketeers movie, it’s nice to see that the costume design department has really gone to town! More if we get them!