o2-Future-Timeline-ResultsThe results are in…and it seems our powers of prediction aren’t going to give Nostradamus any sleepless nights.

Back in February we were among a number of bloggers asked to predict a number of key events in our chosen field. As the film industry is nothing if not a risk-averse beast it was with a degree of certainty that predictions were laid down for a number of classic films re-issued with an extra dimension, a presidential sweep at the (then) forthcoming Oscars, and so on. You can see our full list of predictions in the video here.

Returning to the fold six months later to metaphorically dig up our time capsules and see how accurate we’d been was a strange experience, not least because some of the notions were sure about didn’t come to pass.

So here we have it – our results…very sadly Hipsters Vs. Unicorns didn’t come to pass – so far…