To celebrate the release of Pitch Black on special edition Blu-ray and 4K remastered versions, we followed up speaking to writer/director David Twohy by chatting to star Keith David to celebrate the film’s cult following and 20 year anniversary.

In the film, David plays Abu Imam al-Walid, a Muslim preacher who was travelling to New Mecca for the annual preaching with three young boys, and is stranded with others when the ship crashed before all hell ensures. David talked to our man Scott J. Davis about the film, its lasting appeal, the love story at the heart of it and how he hopes to be called back for the fourth installment, currently in development.

In addition, we chat about his illustrious career touching on everything from his stint on Community, his infamous line from There’s Something About Mary – “When they say it to you, they think it’s the first time anyone has ever said it to you!” – and another sci-fi classic, 1982’s The Thing and its impact on cinema.

You can watch the full interview below:

Pitch Black: Special Edition and 4K remastered are available to buy now courtesy of Arrow Video.