The Resident Evil franchise continues apace with this (the fifth? twelfth?) iteration which heads into cinemas in late September.

As a film series it has long past become an easy target for the obvious metaphor and yet with stone-faced seriousness there’s another, bigger, playground for the zombies and the apocalypse’s few survivors to have it out. In 3D. Again.

It seems as though this undead horse has finally given up with new ideas and from these two new TV spots some familiar faces SPOILER (some previously more laser-sliced than others) are back for another round. I couldn’t see too many zombies here and to be honest it looks like a VFX reel. Let’s see how the end of the world plays out shall we? And it begs the question – where’s next? Space? Heaven? Do zombies go to Heaven? My brain hurts. Mmmmm. Brains….

Here they are,

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Coming Soon Yeah!