Often accused of not living up to her own hype, Sofia Coppola’s previous films are dripping in ennui and seem to rub people up the wrong way. Whether it’s the air of neoptism, or that her indie sensibilities often cloud the story she is telling, it seems she will always have to defend her work against a ready gang of detractors.

I’m a fan of her work, I love Lost in Translation and am eager to see what she has in store for us next. Luckily the trailer for her next film, Somewhere, has arrived courtesy of Apple.

Present and correct are the luxuriant images and cool music and while there’s not much to go on the story of Stephen Dorff’s Johnny Marco, a hard living film actor whose life at a Hollywood hotel is shaken up by the arrival of his daughter, looks to continue the father-daughter trope she has explored before, most notably in Lost in Translation.

The film is due out in the States on the 22nd of December 2010, and we lucky Brits will be getting it Dec 10th.

View the trailer below or click here to view in HD on Apple.