Comedown-DVD-PackshotThere seem to have been a lot of movies featuring tower blocks in the last year or two. Attack the Block, The Raid, Dredd all spring to mind and there’s even a movie called Tower Block coming out later this year. StudioCanal obviously thought there was room for another one and have released the trailer for Come Down which is out on DVD and Blu-ray 28th January.

The movie stars Adam Deacon (Adulthood),  Geoff Bell (War Horse), Jacob Anderson (, Calum McNab (Outside Bet), Duane Henry (The Dark Knight Rises), Sophie Stuckey (The Woman in Black) and Jessica Barden (Tamara Drewe). Comedown is directed by the man who brought us Kidulthood Menhaj Huda and is written by Steven Kendall.

You can pre-order the movie here and scroll down to watch the trailer.

Fresh out of prison and back on the streets of London, Lloyd is determined to stay on the straight and narrow for the sake of his girlfriend, Jemma, and unborn child.

However, the lure of some fast cash proves too much to resist, so Lloyd and five childhood friends take on the seemingly easy job of rigging up a pirate radio station aerial at the top of a deserted tower block.

Reaching the top and settling down, much to the disappointment of Lloyd, it is clear his friends want a party. Things soon get out of control and when pregnant Jemma goes missing, the group starts to fear that they are not alone. Searching the dark interiors of the abandoned building, they are slowly picked off one by one, each death more gruesome and savage than the last.

Realising they have been trapped by the resident psychopath, who is quietly hunting them from the shadows and bent on revenge, it becomes a race against time to escape from the booby trapped tower block.

Packed with suspense and grisly deaths, Comedown will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.