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To start this off, I want to establish that this is all my opinion and only my opinion. It does not reflect the views of HeyUGuys nor anyone else on here intentionally and this is entirely an opinion piece.

Another thing to establish is that I’ve unfortunately not seen every film of 2012 because my bank balance won’t allow it… that and the fact I have university and other stuff to do. These silly things have gotten in the way but the major contenders that I have missed so far are Rust & Bone, The Master, The Turin Horse, Samsara, Chronicle, The Hobbit, Life of Pi and so many more. In fact, there are something like 280+ films that need to be watched this year and I, unfortunately, haven’t seen them all so the list is subject to change in the future when I finally catch up in 2036 so check back then for an official list.

For now, you’ll have to live with this list from the 47 films that are eligible for this year that I can remember. Hopefully you’ll all agree and I won’t ruffle too many feathers. I’d put my honourable mentions here but I’d rather draw out tension and suspense as the rankings go in and the omissions become more shocking!

Sound Of My Voice 8

10. Sound of My Voice


Brit Marling is an extraordinary woman. Not only has she come up with two brilliant sci-fi concepts in the past two years with Another Earth and now Sound of My Voice that she has written and enigmatically portrayed the titular role.

In this sci-fi flick, Marling is a cult leader who claims to have travelled back in time while two sceptic journalists investigate into her to debunk her. Brit Marling has wonderfully written a part which she wondrously plays. With less focus on the physics and more focus on the entertainment. With this exclusion of the overtly blatant explanations of the situation, you can immerse yourself, enjoy the film, even crack your own theories; another enjoyable thing about this that there are less plot holes because when they try to plug them, they usually end up puncturing more into the narrative.

Cults are mind-blowing organisations which prey on people but you can’t help find the religious undertones with them because their similarities are, well, identical. Sound of My Voice explores cults brilliantly well with a twisting narrative that lurches between believing the two sides.

When the ending comes along, nothing is answered but it instead leaves you grabbing onto strings that are too short to tie the ending together. It’s a film that waxes lyrical about psychology, cults, religion, theology, hope, faith and more. As the credits start to roll, you’re left with a confused look on your face at the non-ending that graced your eyes. Even though it answers nothing definitively, which can be frustrating, it is still a brilliant film that crept up my rankings as I think about more and more.

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