Krampus hits UK cinemas today and we had the pleasure of chatting to cast-member Toni Collette and Writer / Director Michael Dougherty about the new movie which adds a new twist to Christmas.

Dougherty tells us about his love for both Christmas and horror movies and how he wanted to create something which merged the two together to create Krampus. I hope you’ve all been good this year!

He also gives us some very interesting information about the forthcoming X-Men Apocalypse, which he co-wrote with Dan Harris, Simon Kinberg and director Bryan Singer. He talks about the revelations coming to the X-Men movie universe and how they impact the view of history in the films. Very exciting stuff.

Toni Collette tells us what is was about Krampus that she loved and how when the movie begins it looks like a John Hughes movie before turning into something more like a Guillermo del Toro movie.

Krampus is in UK cinemas today. Check out the interviews below.

Toni Collette

Writer / Director Michael Dougherty