Yesterday, we told you about a rumour which seemingly revealed what Christopher Nolan’s next movie will be, and now Warner Bros. has confirmed that it’s the World War II set Dunkirk. The filmmaker wrote the original screenplay which he will also direct, and this story looks set to be an interesting departure from sci-fi projects like Interstellar and Inception.

Of course, with this being Nolan, there’s at least a chance there will be some sort of twist!

That’s speculation of course, but what we do know is that Nolan is planning on putting together a cast of unknowns for Dunkirk, and he’s currently screentesting teens in London. However, he’ll be surrounding them with some familiar faces, and those currently in talks include Mark Rylance (Bridge of Spies), Kenneth Branagh (Jack Ryan) and Tom Hardy (The Revenant). Their involvement alone should make this 2017’s most highly anticipated movie!

Warner Bros. has currently has Dunkirk set for a July 21st, 2017 release, and the movie will be shot on a combination of IMAX 65mm and 65mm large format film for maximum image quality and high impact immersion. Shooting will begin in May using many of the real locations of the true-life events, which apparently form the background for the story.

Specific plot details are being kept under wraps, but you just know this will be awesome…