A little while back I wrote an article about the poster release for the upcoming film Repeaters, which is premiering at TIFF 2010.  Well tonight, Hitflix has premiered the trailer for this darker version of Groundhog Day.

The trailer, embedded below, is fascinating and much more fast paced than I thought it would be.  I’m actually excited now because the brief synopsis I posted in the other article didn’t really do much in terms of enticement but after watching the trailer everything has changed.

The trailer doesn’t exactly give us a lot in terms of where the characters are or why they are there, but it does give us some insight in terms of some of the struggles they encounter, what they do with themselves, and how the repetition of the same day is affecting them personally.

The best thing to do is to read the synopsis first, located below, and then watch the trailer so that you immediately understand what is actually going on in the trailer.

REPEATERS is an aggressive, fast-paced thriller with an important moral question: what would you do if you knew that everyday you started over with a clean slate? Sonia, Kyle and Weeks are three cynical outsiders fed up with the peer groups and the perceived injustices inflicted upon their early adult lives. Forced into mandatory rehab, the trio is given a day pass to attempt to complete step nine on the path to recovery – make direct amends with those they have wronged in the past. The following morning, they begin to notice a strange, eerie repetitiveness to their day. The day’s events play out exactly like their memory of the previous day: people are carrying on the same conversations, and on the television, the morning news repeats the previous day’s broadcast. When the trio reconvene to discuss what happened to them the night before they realize that a shared experience is what is causing the day to repeat. They awake the next morning to find that their fear of reliving a same day over again is confirmed. Upon acceptance of their predicament, the three begin to behave with more confidence and bravado because surely their misdeeds will be erased if the day continues to repeat itself. Accordingly, they set out pulling pranks and committing petty revenges, but things soon escalate, culminating in the torture and kidnapping of a rival.

Repeaters is directed by Carl Bessai (Severed) and stars stars Dustin Milligan (Gunless), Amanda Crew (Charlie St. Cloud), and Richard de Klerk (Bang Bang You’re Dead).
So what do you think of the trailer?  Would you consider seeing it?