We’ve just been sent this brand new theatrical poster and some new stills for a movie called The Day The Music Died. The movie stars Guy Kent, Paige Segal, Anastasia Lofgren, Brian Maguire, Jon Morgan Woodward, Harold I. Gould and Mariana Campos.

It’s scheduled for release later this year… read on to find out more about the movie.

Synopsis: The Day the Music Died is a surreal and metaphorical story about a young dreamer called Buddy. Buddy, 22 years old, tries to pursue his big chance of becoming a rocker in modern day Los Angeles.

Who is Buddy? Why does he look so much like Buddy Holly, the icon rocker of the 50s? Whats the connection between him and the real Buddy Holly? Is he the real one? And again, what happens when the music dies?

The Buddy Holly myth comes down to the city of dreams. The city that reflects upon young dreams, love and illusions. Buddy and Buddy Holly, two characters that strangely never seem to converge, unite at the very end.

This is a tale where something more significant than a human dies.

We hope to get some clips from the movie in the coming weeks so stay tuned for more!

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