Clooney and Roberts – what’s not to like? Throw in an awesome location, like Indonesia and a hefty dose of slushiness and you have writer/director Ol Parker’s new end of summer flick, Ticket to Paradise.

Let’s get one thing straight, this is a ticket to paradise; the location is used beautifully here – in fact it’s the best character. Right up until the point you find out Australia is masquerading as Bali and yes, those dolphins are clearly CGI. As the nights draw in and the mornings give you a chill, the scenery here will transport you to an environment where perhaps you might even fall in love and decide to get married at the drop of a hat; but after watching the next to no chemistry between our two main actors here, you might just think twice.

After graduating with aspirations of being a bad-ass lawyer, Lily (Kaitlyn Dever) and party girl best friend Wren (Billie Lourd) head off for one last holiday and low and behold; Lily finds love in a seaweed farmer Gede (Maxime Boutier). Head over heels, or perhaps head over seaweed, she agrees to marry this man resulting in her divorced parents Georgia (Julia Roberts) and David (George Clooney) jumping on a plane hoping to restore some sense into the situation that could quite possibly end the same way their relationship inevitably did – one guess what ‘might’ happen here. As celebrations and engagement parties ensue, it seems Georgia and David despite their differences and Georgia’s new boyfriend on the scene will have to work together and sabotage this situation if they ever want to see their daughter become a lawyer.

From the man who wrote Mamma Mia! Here we go Again and Now is Good, Ticket to Paradise is riddled with the same ‘Hollywood’ gloss of ‘funny’ one liners and enough lovey dovey-ness for one to reach for a bucket. Albeit, charm and happiness shine through here when Roberts and Clooney are concerned; even if it is sweet enough to warrant a trip to dentist. Emily in Paris’ Lucas Bravo as Georgia’s hot young pilot Paul undoubtedly has the best lines here and quite frankly out acts everyone on screen as the ever trying to desperately please his girlfriend and surprise her at every turn. It takes a certain someone to be that enduring and pathetic at the same time, kudos Bravo, kudos. No one likes to be surprised that much, take note everyone.

If this is our last dose of sun for the year, it’s a rather disappointing one. Warm and fuzzies will overcome you no matter how much you think you are immune to such quixotic gesturers all while you furiously roll your eyes and mentally creating a list of things you never want a significant other to do or say. Perhaps someone, somewhere will come away feeling uplifted. Yet, it’s hard to see past the painful script writing and acting to match.

The only thing Ticket in Paradise will do is have you thinking about a peculiar banana trick for days and applaud just how good Clooney and Roberts look at their age.