With 2003’s Freddy vs Jason doing little to sate fanboys’ yearning for slasher superiority – though, really, only Jason left the movie with his head intact – Yahoo!Movies have endeavoured to throw Michael Myers into the mix and settle this immortal debate once and for all. Their arena: Slasher Showdown.

It’s a good thing too, with the iconic slashers from Halloween, Friday the 13th and – most recently – A Nightmare on Elm Street each having suffered at the hands of uninspired remakes, and the proposed sequel to Freddy vs Jason as dead as any one of the trio’s stoner victims, it was beginning to look as though we might never determine which of the three greats deserved Serial Killer of the Century.

With the winner not crowned until Friday, the final result is still anyone’s guess. While Jason may have machete’d his way to the highest bodycount, the polls remain open as to which of the three were responsible for, and I quote, ‘the coolest kills’?

You can see the full infographic below, however, should your opinion require more than a simple tick box to do itself justice, please have at it in the comments section below.

Not to get all meta on you, but whatever the verdict isn’t there really only one winner? A villain even more dastardly and unstoppable than any Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees or Michael Myer’s. I propose that Platinum Dunes be crowned victorious, for doing what a combined 30 movie’s worth of teen-fodder never quite managed: killing the killers.

Of course, we covered all of this last year…